Why Us

Why Us?

We believe that patients who come to us are our extended family and we take care of them with utmost patience and care. In Iran, there is no dearth of compassion, care, and concern. You will feel at home. Medical treatments trigger various emotional issues and Alamgasht provide comfort by making it easier for you. We understand and cater to your emotional needs.

We are aware of our expertise in the industry and make sure we provide the best quality at the most competitive prices. Thus, we have tied up with the best in the Iranian healthcare industry. We deal with reputed doctors with brilliant case history, having over a decade experience and clean record of accomplishment who have been appreciated and recommended by their patients. The reputed doctors are fully equipped to provide the best medical services available across the world.

Package Deals:

Our package deals are cost-effective as we work on economies of scale and thus have higher bargaining power. We know the market and thus provide the most competitive prices.

Absolute Services:

You come to Iran for treatment and we ensure complete services. We stay in the loop to ensure you do not miss any appointment or receive your reports on time. We follow-up and make sure you are safe. In most cases we can arrange for doctors and medical help even after you return to your native country.

Client-centric approach:

We have adopted a client-centric approach. We try to arrange as per your needs and preferences and take care of your companions and relatives.

Maintaining Confidentiality:

Your privacy matters and thus we have adopted measures to keep confidentiality.

Hygiene & Hospitality:

If you are undergoing medical treatment it is understood that security and hygiene are your utmost concern. Alamgasht agency reflects hospitability in case of hygiene and security. The Iranian hotels and hospitals which Alamgasht partners with ensure satisfaction and quality of services provided.

Inter-Cultural Exchange: Alamgasht  boasts of inter-cultural exchange.