Medical Tourism In Mashhad

Medical Tourism In Mashhad?

Mashhad: A top medical destination in Iran

You may be surprised if I say, Mashhad, Iran’s holiest and second- largest city after Tehran, is also a top medical destination in the Middle East and even beyond.

As the home to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, a magnet for devout Muslims in the region, Mashhad attracts millions of pilgrims from neighboring countries every year. However, pilgrimage is not the only reason for visiting Mashhad.

More than 20000 medical tourists visit Mashhad annually. Although most of these tourists are from neighboring countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, there is increasing number of medical tourists from Western and Asian countries who seek quality treatments as well as value-for-money services in Mashhad.

To learn why you should choose Mashhad as your medical destination abroad don’t stop here. Read on.

Why Mashhad?

While there are many destinations in the region which are worth considering for medical travel, Mashhad is no easy option to ignore. Here are the reasons why you should choose Mashhad for your medical purposes:

Numerous quality hospitals

Mashhad as a mega-city in Iran hosts 12 top hospitals which have been officially certified to receive international patients.

A nice place to recover

Mashhad is also a great place for wellness tourism and after-treatment recuperation. Mashhad enjoys many spas and mineral waters. Recreational resorts, pleasant climate and traditional medicine along with top-end hotels makes quick recovery an easy target.

Cost efficiency

The same as other medical destinations in Iran, Mashhad is highly affordable due to low value of Iranian Rail against other currencies. Right now, Iran is the cheapest country to travel to and, price-wise, it is the most competitive destination for medical travel abroad.

Halal Tourism

For Muslim medical tourists who give utmost importance to the Islamic law (Shariah) as the basis to deliver tourism products and services or medical treatments, Mashhad, as the religious capital of Iran, is a perfect place to have quality treatment, convenience and composure of mind at the same time.

It is well-connected

Mashhad is a hub for international flights to Iran. You can arrive in Mashhad via Turkey, Dubai, Qatar and many other regional airports. It is also connected to neighboring countries via rail road.

Best Hospitals & Clinics

Mashhad boasts of its top quality hospitals and clinics. Mashhad hospitals are well equipped and they are working with the best doctors and surgeons some of whom enjoy international fame.

There are 12 other hospitals in Mashhad with an IPD (International Patient Department), a license which allows quality hospitals to admit non-Iranian patients.

Popular Treatments

Mashhad as a medical destination is known for many treatments in Iran and the Middle East. However, the medical procedures with an unrivaled quality of care carried out in Mashhad include:

Open Heart Surgery

Vascular Surgery

General Surgery


Skin Care

Cosmetic Surgery (Hair & Beauty)

Dental Services

Women’s Diseases Treatment

Infertility Treatment


Laparoscopic Surgery

Medical Check-ups

Top Doctors

It is a Hercules task to choose a handful of top doctors from among a pool of excellent doctors who have acquired valuable knowledge and extraordinary experience treating numerous patients over time. As your consultant, we would be by your side to choose the best choices.

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