For better use of this online order system for medical services please read the following:

This portal has two parts: one is the “website” for giving information and the other is the “application” for submitting your medical service orders.

  • You can find the following in website:
    1. A complete general information about the city you are going to travel like as Mashhad general information, its attraction cooperating hotels and ….
    2. Some information about medical tourism capacities in Mashhad like treatment information, medical center, our cooperation doctors and prices in medical services compared to other parts of the world.
  • In app section for submitting your medical services order you can :

According to your requirements choose your medical package in “medical package” section.

You also would be informed about “offered package” on this part whenever there is an offer.

Each package include general information about your chosen items during your treatment. You also should answer some identification questions and your touristic needs under the package. By answering all the question precisely

Our expert may be able to give you the find price.

Please be informed that if you cannot find your desired package you can choose “Excluded package” to have your “Specially-designed-for-you-package”.

Then by submitting your order you’ll be directed to registry page and by filling the information in this page your order procedure would be completed and page your order procedure would be completed and our expert will analyze it and inform you  the result.

You can follow your treatment order through your email and your “User Panel”. This panel mange the items such as your complete order, your required service bill, latest news and info and also your correspondence.

Please be informed after having your treatment done. We will follow up your treatment via “user panel”.

Be sure that all the documents between you and the company will be kept secret and only your attending doctor and our executive team know about it.

  • You can also register in our website without ordering any package via “Register” button
  • Please inform us our connection is lost for any reason via “Contact Us” by sending a message.

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